Decluttering Your Home: Tips For When You Feel Overwhelmed

Decluttering Your Home: Tips For When You Feel Overwhelmed

Are you in a constant state of overwhelm when it comes to your home? Did you know those over stuffed drawers, mess of a closet, cluttered spaces are sucking up all your mental energy? Here are a few tips on how to start decluttering your home when you feel overwhelm by all the stuff.

If you need some decluttering inspiration, watch as I declutter 3 random spaces in my home!

1. Start Small

Start will a small drawer, closet, or surface. One of the places that frustrates you every time you open it, look at it, or touch it. Take Five minutes to evaluate what is going in the space. Think about what would help it function better for you. IS there no sense of organization? IS there just too much stuff jammed in it


2. Remove the Trash

Once you’ve evaluated what needs to be done, start with what you know can be thrown away. The things that really can not serve a purpose for anyone else. IF you can think of it being used for something else start a donate bin.

3. Create a Rhythm

It could be as simple as setting a timer for five minutes everyday or having a designated day of every week (ideally the day before trash day) where you implement a rhythm of decluttering. Maybe it needs to be monthly or biweekly. However it looks for you, experiment with different habits and see what will work for you.


4. Contain or Corral Your Clutter

If you find there are items that you love to have displayed or a frequently used items create a designated spot by corralling your stuff with a basket, a trivet, or a dish. Create a moment in your home that is high functioning and pretty to look at. You’ll be amazed at home much corralling your clutter cleans up your surfaces.

5. Follow Up

If you want your home to stay clutter free you need to be diligent about the decluttering process. You can’t expect your home to this way because there are things constantly coming into our spaces. Make sure you follow up with your processes and rhythms you started.

You can always change your mind and experiment with different tactics to form a better habit. OR you could wait until you are completely overwhelmed again because you didn’t keep up with it. I think the easiest option is to keep up by implementing decluttering habits into your everyday/ weekly rhythms.

Decluttering is such a powerful tool. Once you start having kids = more people in your family meaning more stuff that you have to manage and take care of the more you will thank yourself for implementing decluttering into your life.

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  1. All great advice! I’ll try to use these steps when we get back from our trip! Our house needs a good clean out! <3

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