The Key to Slowly Decluttering Your Entire Home

key to slow declutter

THE KEY TO DECLUTTERING Your whole entire house is not what you think it is. 

The Key to decluttering your home is knowing why you are decluttering.

I know minimalism gets this reputation of being able to put everything you own into a backpack, having wide open harsh cold spaces, no visual clutter like ever… 

That is not why I’m attracted to the idea. 

There are countless studies that show us that living with less reduces anxiety and depression.

While I personally do not struggle with this I have noticed I get overwhelmed and overstimulated very easily. 

I think that is a product of growing up in this technological age. Personally I’ve realized my attention span was shrinking to almost nothing. I found myself having a hard time with boredom.

I personally love being productive, something I am actively working on is slowing down my life and savoring my days. 

With how much busier my life has gotten since moving and returning to work, I crave slowness and calm once I walk through the door at night. Which at times can be hard to achieve with being out of the house for majority of the day. 

So I have been actively decluttering my home since the beginning of the year. 

For years I have been following minimalist wondering how they got to the point where they wanted to be minimal. 

I finally reached that point this year. 

I realized the most important thing in my life is my time. 

Time is one of those things that can slip through out fingers if we aren’t careful. I mean how many times during the day do you catch yourself down an instagram rabbit hole?

This became very clear to me once I had my son a few years ago. 

I realized the habits around my time and my phone had to change if I was going to be the present mom I’d always hoped to be. 

It began with setting clear boundaries around my phone which has helped so much. I talked about this more in my last post.

Another thing that happens when you have a baby is the accumulation of so many more things. And thinking you need to have ALL THE THINGS. 

Funny story I was convinced in my nesting urges that we had to have a changing table for my son. Once he was born It became the thing we used the least.

The lesson I learned was that just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean its something that you even need or want. 

Since having my second child I’ve totally changed my tune around the things that baby’s “need”.

And it’s not much at all. 

It’s because of them that I feel this need to have less. 

They are the why behind the shift to a minimal, high-functioning, calming home. 

They deserve a mom that is not stressed or constantly losing her cool because she has all of these things to manage.

I have let overwhelm control my life for way to long and I don’t need to pass that onto my kids. 

key to declutteringSo the why behind my decluttering is providing a simple high functioning home for me and my family to thrive in. Where I’m not the only one left to manage it all. I am inviting my kids into learning the life skill of the managing a home on a daily scale.

Defining the why behind your actions always clarifies the path forward. 

I truly believe this. 

So I can share my process with you of HOW I declutter my home and it may not work for you. You need to know and define your deep why of wanting a minimal home.

This is the key to maintaining you focus while decluttering your entire home.

Your entire home is an overwhelming job. But if you keep coming back to your “WHY” when you do take the time to confront everything you own will make the process go so much smoother. 

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